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Melanoma accounts for the majority of skin cancer deaths,(1200 out of 1600 deaths each year in Australia) but fortunately it is the rarest of the common skin cancers. It is nearly always curable if diagnosed early.

Melanoma does not always develop from a pre-existing mole. In fact this occurs only 50% of the time.
You must be on the look out for change in a mole, but also be highly suspicious of any newly appearing spot on your skin, especially if it is dark in colour and seems to stand out from surrounding skin spots.
Melanoma can occur at any age, though is very rare prior to puberty. Melanoma does have a strong genetic tendency, so family history is important. Indeed some families are extremely prone. It is not restricted to the maximally sun exposed areas and sometimes it occurs in areas that have never seen the sun.

What should I look out for?

Melanoma should be suspected in the following situations:

ABCDEFG of Melanoma detection:

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